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Immunotherapy Refills

To better serve our clients we have moved to myVETstore. This will allow you to set up an account with your information and allow you to set up automatic reorders. Once your account has been approved, you can order your prescribed serum. To do this, search "allergy serum" and choose your product. To have your serum shipped to your vet clinic, choose "Allergy Serum Shipping". Please use FedEx, NOT Canada Post, for shipping at the end of your order. We trust FedEx's speed and reliability when it comes to getting your serum to you in a safe and timely fashion. If you need any assistance with this transition, please call (519)-821-7546.

To find your solution type, see options below:

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Induction Set

Set of three vials, illustrating and induction set for immunotherapy

Maintenance Vial

(A and B options available for patients on a double vial treatment set)
One vial, illustrating a maintenance serum for immunotherapy

Oral Immunotherapy

Two vials illustrating oral serums for immunotherapy

Staphage Lysate

One vial, illustrating a maintenance serum for immunotherapy

Medication Refills

For prescription refill requests (to be filled at our practice with no additional charge or at your veterinary office or pharmacy for a prescription fee) please visit our Smart.Vet telehealth portal. Up to 3 medications.

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While we do take appointments without a referral, we highly encourage having your family veterinarian make the referral for you. This gives us valuable information on your pet's health, history, diagnostic results, treatment protocols and responses to medications and diets that help us to make more efficient use of time and resources for you. Once a referral form has been received, a member of our staff will contact you to make an appointment. If you need to book a recheck appointment, you can do so in clinic or via our telehealth portal.